Stevie Nicks hangs out with the ladies in Haim, and when she hears none of them journal (Este says she keeps notes on her phone), Nicks brings out one of her leather journals (see above) and tells them how it’s done:

On the right-hand side of the page you write what…


Anonymous asked:

Hi! What's the most efficient way to take notes? It usually takes me 3 or more hours to take notes from 20 pages in a textbook :/

successobsessed answered:

Try reading the section/chapter first and then taking notes. I used to take forever also when I discovered that it was because I was basically going sentence-by-sentence and writing everything down. When I started reading the chapters by section and only taking down what was important I was able to go through the material in half the time and I understood it better!

The same worked for me!

I realized that by taking notes while reading the chapter for the first time I was essentially copying the text almost verbatim.

It’s much more relaxing as well to just read the text first time around. I do highlight as I read though. It helps focus my attention when I go to take notes later.